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Feels great to graduate, how about the courage to radiate and stand out in the labour market?

If none is ready to employ you, cmon! Employ yourself and others.

Wisdom and Opportunity for Nigerian Graduates to Radiate as expected…

     After graduating, I was fortunate to get a job in an hospital earning 320,000 a month, at first I felt on top of the world because I thought this was much money but after working for over 8 months and I had no significant achievement not even a notable impact in my community, I made a hard decision to resign.

Take a decision to think like you have no degree, actually forget that you have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. That’s where your story of entrepreneurship and success will start.

Things have changed so we must change too, Universities in the 70s used to produce 1000 graduates each year and they would get jobs even before finishing, but now each year we graduate more than 80,000 students from over 30 universities and 100 institutes yet there is limited organizations not to mention job vacancies.

Most of the Educated people in Africa are poor not because they are dense but the way they see things just doesn’t apply to the real world anymore.

The biggest excuse for getting paid such low amounts of money and having to sit and work for another person for 30 days is “THE DEGREE”
This has made most of the degree holders very poor and will die that way most likely.

▪A degree holder does not know how to generate money even from the simplest thing unless that money is generated for the employer. He is so dependent on the salary that he can do anything to get a job but will not think of starting a business or investment of his own to employ others not even operate a chapati Business where he can make 30k a day.

▪A degree holder is not prepared to start a company and grow it in 2 to 3 years but will spend 4 years searching for a job and work for 30years pushing another person’s dream

▪A degree holder is so eager to get out of this country and work in another country than spend time to develop his own country by creating solutions and innovations.

▪A degree holder will blame the government for lack of jobs even when he was on government bursary for him to have his degree.

Here is the life changing question…Why are so many degree holders poor?

Because they have decided to pride themselves in a degree and failed to think better than a man who does not have even a certificate to his name. No wonder many of the world changers (posed as the most successful people) today are “degreeless” but of course they are enlightened  and learned individuals, just not in a conventional and boring way.

Note! I  am not against education, not at all. I am educated and will definitely further my education in every sense of what education means. All I am saying is, we need to be resourceful and put our knowledge to fruitful use, in order to benefit us and our community. Schools exist to only polish our potentials which must be exploited productively to solve problems around us, thereby create opportunities for ourselves and others. Your learning back at school should yield earning for you after school. Graduates are meant to radiate, not just to wait.

      If you want to progress, throw away the thoughts of having a degree and start thinking better than someone with or without a degree. Have an open mind and start anything that will address a problem and can make you money. 

Be prepared to work extra hard – work like an ox for YOUR business. Learn to be a creator of opportunities rather than a seeker of opportunities. Always remember this:

If you strive, you will surely thrive. ~Rukayyah Rahman

    Nigeria has over a million unemployed people, don’t seek a job for just yourself, seek jobs for many others by creating an opportunity that will solve problems and open positions to hire some or many others. Together we can create a socio-economic inclusive society.

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