Many people have wonderful start-up ideas and offers that can benefit the world but this set of people are discouraged or limited because they have no standard way to prove their sincerity to their online potential consumers, many opportunities are dying because no such platform exists to validate online credible businesses and single them out especially in Nigeria.

Some reputable businesses are doing well and making huge profits but if scam businesses are out of the way, they will be marveled at the huge sum of money they are losing to these fake businesses posing as their competitors and tricking people to fall victims and causing these “victims” to develop trust issues (bizaporia) toward many other businesses that could really offer genuine services/products.

Online business scam simply refers to a situation whereby someone offers products and services and refuse to deliver after you make payment. Online business scam is perilous and prevalent. You or someone you know might have fallen victims of scam and you surely know how painful it is to be deceived and duped. It is am experience that hurts really bad. It is high time we mitigated it as suggested by Nigeria Association of Cyber Security Experts.

However some honest individuals truly exist who are willing to render productive services/goods through internet but are not encouraged to do so because they can barely convince people of their sincerity. ProInSafe stemmed out to resolve these hurdles and help promote these sincere individuals’ true offers.

We understand that CEO impersonation, scams, and other related online frauds may not go into total extinction but surely it will be reduced to a very minimal level with ProInSafe, in few years’ time with cooperation of online credible businesses. We are aware that these scammers might develop other measures to continue duping people, we continually update our knowledge and expand our experience, this coupled with our endless research will make us triumph and proffer sustainable solution to online business fraud. We can only achieve maximum success in enabling safe digital world if all credible online businesses collaborate and get their YAS codes.

In a bid to substantially reduce (if not put a stop to) fraudulent acts, ProInSafe fully known to be “Promote Internet Safety” came into existence. We want to give people; both online buyers and sellers peace of mind while transacting.

We ensure to get every necessary detail from our clients before they receive their YAS code. We thereby take necessary legal steps when a business is found out to be a scam.

We work with other online anti-fraud organizations to facilitate our work. We employ other efficient schemes and mechanisms (verification machines/technology) to verify businesses before generating their YAS codes. This makes our work 95% effective thus safety is 90% guaranteed for online users. We also engage in offline registration.

We understand that some youths resorted to fraud out of desperation and frustration, we have initiated a special program “ProInSafe Empowerment Project” to resolve the issues of unemployment, ignorance and mediocrity, and we provide opportunities for youths and inspire them to engage in productive activities to develop their communities. A repentant scammer and other vulnerable individuals (unemployed youths especially) will benefit from this project. We exploit ICT and other relevant talents to foster positive social change. Therefore people with knowledge and talents use it productively instead of perpetrating (cyber) crime with it. We also raise youths to be great leaders passionate about developing their various communities.

This empowerment project is directly proportional to our nature of services. Certain percentage of our income including donations from others will be set apart to help fund lucrative start-up businesses and small community development initiatives. This funding will come in different forms such as; angel funding, grants, investor, competition (prizes) for the youths, we also reach out to people for their support, to ask for donations.

We are currently working on a project known as PLACY Club in which we mentor and support youths to discover and develop themselves whilst transforming the community. PLACY club also involves organizing a particular club for secondary schools where at least three representatives from 10 different schools are empowered to train the other students in their schools, this is to encourage innovations and practical solutions/actions to problems in the communities.

We organize yearly educative seminars for large number of youths, invite youths to participate in competitions that could earn them decent start up cash, provide mentorship and help them to seek for investor. We hope to benefit at least 6-12 sustainable start-up initiatives every year.

Through our blogs, we take the social responsibility to enlighten everyone including potential and repentant scammers. This is to help them uphold their integrity and be more selfless while seeking means of survival. It has been observed that online business scams are found more in countries with high rate of corruption and poverty. Online scammers are epitomes of selfishness therefore helping them exorcise these faulty attitude is a big impact. The platform will also encourage them to seek/create other credible job opportunities that will gradually fetch them abundant fortune.

We are also a channel for people to easily locate nearby businesses, they can search for businesses by their locations.

We presently focus more on validating Nigerian online businesses because of easy accessibility and investigation. Credible online businesses will now be verifiable as potential customers will and should trade with only Nigerian businesses with YAS codes. Any business without the code especially after 5 years of our establishment, by (2024) will be avoided or be reported to our organization to confirm on customers’ behalf. This will encourage other online credible businesses to get their codes,

Registering with ProInSafe is a wise decision and it is quite easy. Clients just start by visiting our registration portal: Supply us with their valid information and documents as requested on the registration form, carefully read our terms and policy, if they agree to the terms and policy, they proceed to payment, they can then submit their form. They will get an instant message that confirms that their registration is on process. It may take few hours or days to verify their details, after which they will get an email with their YAS code and a link that takes them to their profile page. We will also include tips on how they can use the YAS code to attract more customers. Learn more on how to register your business here.

There are two packages for our clients. One only enables them to create a profile with ProInSafe for online consumers to easily verify their credibility, the second package will grant them the opportunity to edit their business profile and integrate new services if such needs arise.

We require some sensitive information for the registration but all this is in clients’ best interest. They will easily gain people’s trusts and people who are in need of their products and services will no longer be distracted by scammers who claim to offer the same product/service hence, their (our client’s) potential customers will start heading straight for them.

We sometimes reach out to trusted businesses to encourage and guide them to register for their YAS codes to facilitate the achievement of our goals; which is to promote internet safety. We take the responsibility of saving Nigeria from the unpleasant labelling of fraud. Whoever transacts with a Nigerian online business after few years of our establishment without the code and without consulting ProInSafe will be at his/her risk.

  • ProInSafe aims to achieve the SDGS;
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • No poverty
  • Peace And Justice Strong Institutions

We work strategically with a team of experts who work diligently to assess and verify submitted credentials and other details provided by our clients during registration. We also verify documents using an effective mechanism created for such purpose; to verify the originality of documents and that will facilitate our work.

It must be noted that YAS code is a life time trade mark for online credible businesses as long as their business stays online or exists generally. Any business which ceases to operate will have their code blocked and profile deleted after we have received such notice from the clients.

Major Benefits

  • Promote internet safety/cyber security: Safe and secure online transactions.
  • Reduction in health issues related to anxiety triggered by online scams
  • Prevention of money loss to online scammers
  • Provide job opportunities for people who might be a relative or friend to you
  • Increase in rate of self-employed youths as a result of our empowerment projects.
  • We will significantly mitigate internet business frauds, promote safety for users and give opportunities for real businesses to thrive
  • Both clients and other online users will get to receive educative information concerning online security, health and other important information through our blogs
  • Encourages productive start-ups that were once discouraged by lack of ways to prove their genuinity
  • Boost credible businesses’ sales because people are easily convinced they are credible. Also credible entrepreneurs no longer have fraudulent individuals as competitors
  • We are sure to attract a huge crowd to our website thus, businesses have better opportunities to advert on our website at very affordable price.
  • We provide opportunities for businesses without an online presence to appear on the internet, this obviously is an advantage for their businesses to rapidly flourish than ever.
  • You are contributing to a good cause to help extinguish selfish and callous acts demonstrated by online business scammers.
  • Online consumers easily get to locate businesses through our business directory.
  • Registering with ProInSafe is a one time payment and a very lucrative investment. You easily attract customers that trust and patronize you. You get to benefit from our free newsletters that will help you grow your businesses. Together we are promoting internet safety.

Also, don’t let stresses and issues related to regulatory and paperwork distract you from the product. Issues like how will I register the business? How will I get a work permit? Do we need to get a lawyer and get a trademark? These are all important questions, but not for your first 12 months. Your first twelve months need to be focused entirely on the product, marketing and the core experience.

To ensure your first year is a solid foundation built for further progressive, you need to register with ProInSafe. It is a win-win situation, at very affordable price, you make abundant sales and support our vision to promote internet safety which is beneficial to all.


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