This Innovative Personal Development Training for Secondary School Students in Ilorin will foster positive social change and development in Kwara State.

This Innovative Personal Development Training for Secondary School Students in Ilorin will foster positive social change and development in Kwara State.

  1. ProInSafe has a vision to foster community development. This development is impossible without personal and career development of youths within the community.

ProInSafe established a community development program known as PLACY Club Initiative.

This year has come with amazing and productive training sessions for youths in Ilorin. These training sessions involve reorientation and mentoring of secondary school students from selected schools in Ilorin. These schools include Okelele Junior Secondary School, Muslim Premier College, Model Secondary School, Timak International School etc.

The volunteers at PLACY club visit these schools fortnightly to deliver the inspirational and educative information to the students. The students are being trained on constructive values they need to imbibe to foster their self discovery, stimulate their minds and enhance their self development.

These values include: love, passion, action, integrity,and excellence.

The students and staff of the beneficiary schools express their excitement and gratitude to the volunteers for their selfless and divine community services.

The students are indeed positively responding to the program. They ask series of intellectual questions and have been showing enthusiasm to their own personal self discovery, career development and their overall development. PLACY club is passionate about imbibing skills in youths to make them catalysts for positive social change.

We will be sharing more on these values for our readers to also benefit. Thank you for reading



Personal Development (Passions and Ambition Pursuing)

Personal Development (Passions and Ambition Pursuing)

Personal Development is the foundation upon which every form of development (social, economic, community, national…) is built. You have to build a strong foundation to experience consistent progress and development. _RARS

Personal development is a stage by stage process everyone must go through alone if you want to feel achieved. Everyone has their own unique ways of going through this development but if we are to follow the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, your physiological needs come first (which are the basic needs of food, water, shelter, oxygen, sex, etc.).

Next up is your safety needs (which involves feeling safe from potentially dangerous physical and psychological situations). Shelter  is one of the vital needs of safety. You must also have clothes and other needs that give you sense of security. You need to improve your emotional intelligence by practising mindfulness, getting rid of unpleasant thoughts, focusing more on positive thoughts and adopting healthy defense mechanisms. You also need to gain more effective coping mechanisms skills necessary for dealing with stress. Don’t wait til you are totally depressed before you reach out for psychological intervention. Take care of your inner being by surrounding yourself with positive people, books and learning to spend quality times with your selg meditating and reflecting. This helps you to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your weaknesses helps you to build more on your strength which will prevent you from being wasted by your weaknesses.

The third one is your need for love and belongingness (which revolves around affiliation, feeling part of a family/society, giving and receiving trust, acceptance, affection and love, etc). You must learn to give and embrace love. Give love by saying kind words to others, smile and just make others feel what you wish to feel. You are able to embrace love when you give it because while giving you are attracting situations and people that will give you the same feeling of love and affections. Don’t be too hard on yourself, don’t fall into the deceptive convention that trauma must follow every pain. Every past experience exists to teach you lessons you will need to keep surviving until you acquire more lessons. Life is all about learning and unlearning. No bad experience should teach you cruelty therefore at every point in time you must learn to care about the feelings of others. That explains you are giving affections and remember we only give things we have even though we think we don’t have them. You are not to solely rely on others for your happiness but ensure that you give that quality attention, be responsible for that happy feelings of others, you will feel more happiness yourself.

The fourth one is the esteem needs (which includes feeling competent, self esteem & self respect, the respect of others, family, at work, etc). When you have optimally met the physiological needs, safety needs and social needs, trust me you automatically feel happy, contented, fulfilled, energized and competent. You feel strong and courageous that you believe there is nothing beyond your power and ability, This is not ostentation at all, it is about naturally carrying yourself with grace and reflecting nobility. You are at peace within therefore you carry along the vibe everywhere you go. Inability to fulfill some of the needs often result into mental distress and social dysfunctions, Nevertheless the inner conflicts that resulted from inability to gratify the previous needs can be alleviated through mental health intervention such as psychotherapy, hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral therapy etc.

The last one is self-actualization (which is reaching one’s full potential and becoming everything one is capable of becoming). Once you gratify all of the previous needs, you progressively triumph in life. You are able to carefully set goals and achieve them. You set your standards and live life according to your terms without being pressured by the noise of the society. Success for everyone is relative and this stage defines it better. A billionnaire is very happy over his accomplishment, someone who has a store is as well very pleased at his or her own accomplishment. Goals are different, means of achieving them are different however one common thing will be the ability to achieve the goals and be filled with a genuine feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment and this is the part we can point out that each person has a purpose to fulfill, fulfilling the purposes is all that makes an individual experience abundant happiness and peace.

“Every creature lives to serve a purpose, you feel pains because you have not discovered yourself nor your purpose. To live a happy life, you need to uncover your cover, understand the deep meaning of life which is proportional to discovering yourself and the Infinite Being known as God. Our success and happiness depend largely on our level of awareness of the Creator”_The Universe.

Now let’s talk about Passion and Ambition.

Steve Jobs once said, “people with passion can change the world for the better”.

When I say passion, I mean the “strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Ambition on the other hand is something that a person hopes to do or achieve. You can always develop your passion and turn it into an ambition but first, you need to:

Understand yourself, ask yourself questions like “WHO AM I?”,” WHAT EXCITES ME?”, “WHAT DO I WANT?”, “WHAT DO I NEED?”, etc. (It is important to know the difference between what you want and what you need.)

You also need to know the things you are not comfortable with – if something doesn’t settle right with you, find another. If you continue on a path with little or no comfort, you might end up being miserable about it.

Find something you are passionate about and make it your ambition. Do this with confidence because without confidence how will you show people who you are and what you can do?

Pursuing and achieving this will make you self-actualized which is a key part of development. Thank you for reading, to engage in exercises that will help to discover and develop yourself. You should  join ProInSafe Leadership And Community Youth (PLACY) Club. Good decision for taking your time to read this information, do yourself more favor of striving to apply the knowledge you have gained from here.