PLACY organised a seminar and general meeting amongst stakeholders to celebrate and incite gratitude, fortitude and beatitude for the year, 2019.

PLACY organised a seminar and general meeting amongst stakeholders to celebrate and incite gratitude, fortitude and beatitude for the year, 2019.

At PLACY, we believe the mind is a tool to be developed and not abused, this is the reason behind the creation of PLACY. We aim to motivate and mentor youths to actively participate in community services while developing their own personal selves, it is all our responsibilities to reflect and advocate for the change we seek, for significant development to be observed. Deji Awoyinka, PLACY Club Initiative

PLACY organised a seminar and general meeting amongst stakeholders to celebrate and incite gratitude, fortitude and beatitude for the year, 2019.

The program was held at Ilorin Grammar School, Ilorin, Kwara state  at 10 am. The program was themed general meeting to gather stakeholders who are passionate about transforming Kwara state.

A number of volunteers at Placy club were present at the occasion. Some of the important dignitaries that honored the event include: Mr Ayuba Olufadi; Public Affair Analyst, Mr Toheeb; Founder of SADAF, and many more.

The anchors of the program; Mr Alege and Mr Shamsudeen ensured all visitors experienced quality hospitality. The event was a memorable one as it had all stakeholders contributions on effective ways to facilitate growth in Kwara state.


The opening prayer and remark was by Mr Shamsudeen who encouraged all stakeholders to never give up on the vision of facilitating socio-economic growth with Kwara state. He stated that quality education is highly required to ensure we achieve the SDGs in Kwara state which is key to the development we envisage.

There was brief insight into PLACY by Miss Maryam who explained to everyone our vision, mission, goals and target population. She emphasised how PLACY works to imbibe cognitive, emotional and vocational skills in youths.

The PLACY club volunteers and directors were commended by all stakeholders. Questions were asked and answered promptly.

Towards the end of the program, a game was played to stimulate creativity amongst the stakeholders. The game’s titled constructive word chain. Each team has to spontaneously discuss an idea and every member of the team must make a contribution.

Most importantly, there were intellectual discussion and presentation. The speakers/presenters are: Mr Deji Awoyinka, Miss Rukayyah Abdulrahman & Mr AbdulQuadir Labaika respectively.

The topics presented include:

  • The social and personal behaviours that cause drawbacks and suggested solutions
  • Every human is unique, here is how you can discover and embrace your unique self
  • PLACY Core Values and Kwara development.

We shall be sharing the presentation on this blog soon.

Some of the young children  who were invited and who have been benefitting from PLACY training program also presented some rhymes, inspiring words and educative contents.

Subsequently there was a short break when snacks were shared to everyone present at the event.

The program was rounded up with group photographs, immediately after th closing prayer by Mr Deji.

Some comments made by stakeholders:

Our Motive is Sharing love and transforming lives. Don’t  be confused by the word club, PLACY will be a source of inspiration, quality education, rehabilitation, behavioral modification,  sound health  and wealth for large number of Kwarans if not all Kwarans. It’s only a matter of time, focus, dilligence and  idedication. We will realize our vision.

It is a fact that Kwara is due for significant development! We are playing our roles to make this a reality. So far you have a functional brain, there is nothing you can’t achieve in this world. Your way of life and the values you uphold will influence the functioning of your brain.

Understanding this will make you gain important insights and behave only in ways that improve your wellbeing and enhance your personal development.

Rukayyah ‘Rahman, PLACY Club, Initiative.

When you feel very bad about a situation, learn to take a deep breath to gain control over your situation. You will only make a difference when you consciously accept you and others are uniquely different. AbdulQuadir Labaika, PLACY Club, Initiative.

Life is good when you are good. Aisha Shaafi.

At PLACY, we believe the mind is a tool to be developed and not abused, this is the reason behind the creation of PLACY. We aim to motivate and mentor youths to actively participate in community services while developing their own personal selves, it is all our responsibilities to reflect and advocate for the change we seek, for significant development to be observed. Deji Awoyinka, PLACY Club Initiative.

PLACY is a great Initiative. Let me say, once it’s PLACY, let’s place it Everywhere. PLACY is going places. We can make Kwara and then Nigeria better if  we all work together. Toheeb, Founder, SADAF.

I see PLACY club to be a very wonderful place (initiative, it implies), I like to be a member of PLACY club and I am happy to be a presenter here today. I have learned many things here today, and it’s fun. I have learned to not be shy when you want to present something while people are many there….. Fareedah Uthman.

And here’s building Self confidence of our beloved young leaders. Confidence is inevitable to achieve maximum success

It is important to serve the humanity that if our existence does not solve all the problems, the legacy we leave behind will facilitate the growth of the society. We need more community development programs like PLACY to develop Kwara state….and surely we can find solutions to the problems when we work together….Lawal

You need this Principle to discover your purpose and live a productive life.

You need this Principle to discover your purpose and live a productive life.

You need to read this if you seek to discover your purpose and be more productive…

LAMP principle is an effective set of techniques to help people live a purposeful and productive life.

The greatest achievement of life is to understand exactly what your purpose is, in this world of so many controversies, news, stories, lifestyles and all. It is amazing to realize that each person has a specific purpose tasked by the Universe. The most successful people in this world have one thing in common, they all live a purposeful life. They discovered why they exist, live that purpose which obviously adds meaning and significance to their lives. This gives them happiness, fulfillment, fame, riches and all the amazing things  the world can offer. To be like or better than that icon, great leader, business tycoon, legend, you have always adored, you need to live a purposeful life.

It is one thing to have a purpose, it is another (which is the most vital) to discover the purpose. When we mention purpose, it simply means the reason of your existence, your responsibilities, the role you exist to play to complete the circle of the universe. Discovering our purpose can seem herculean but nothing is sweeter and more interesting than living a life that’s dedicated to understanding why we breathe, why we were born and why we exist.

All you need to know is the How! Many of us often consciously and unconsciously question ourselves, what is my purpose? How do I discover my purpose? All these questions are very vital, more vital than life itself. If you live and there is no purpose for such life, the feeling is synonymous to being dead because you are overwhelmed with the feeling of emptiness that you feel lifeless, useless and tired all the time.

This usually is a major causal factor of mental distress and in fact physical sickness. Read on to understand more on how you can discover your purpose, develop yourself and be more productive.

The rapid way to discover your purpose and live a  more productive life is through adopting the following techniques that have been summarized to be LAMP.

1. Learning: As stated earlier, it seems difficult discovering who you are and your purpose because you don’t know how to. First step is reading this present blog. Learning is an endless process. Therefore don’t limit your learning to four walls of classes, exam preparations, school books etc. Read widely, be open minded, explore various fields, focus on yourself and decide what captures your interests more. Read self development books, attend seminars, speak to learned people, psychologists and others who you know are capable of impacting unto you a meaningful knowledge. Learn from others’ stories and experiences to help you easily navigate your journey too. Each person’s journey differs but it often requires same attitude to discover and embark on the journey.

2. Application: Knowledge without an evidence of it is useless and in fact detrimental. Every knowledge holds a space in the mind, if not put into fruitful use, it takes up the space for no reason and more painfully it causes anxiety. The reason is that your whole body has received a signal of a significant information but if you don’t put it to use then your neural system reacts negatively to the entire information. Like punishing you for knowing the right thing but not doing it. Reading a book on how to cook will not automatically imbibe the skills in you, until you apply the information. You get your hands on the kitchen utensils and food stuffs then make efforts to actually cook.

Once you learn that it is important to read to learn, you won’t magically learn until you adopt the knowledge by actually reading. If you learn that over thinking leads to anxiety, you will get rid of anxiety only if you adopt the knowledge and stay away from over thinking. You must apply the knowledge, practically adopt the principles and rules then you will observe progress. You can’t be a millionaire just by reading millionaire mindset book until you act out the knowledge. Let there be strong mutual connection between your sensory and motor system. Motor system is responsible for practical actions, body movements while sensory system is concerned with the input, taking in the information. As stated, its not enough to take in the information, its more important to act out the information.

Complement your learning with the application of the information then you will surely experience rapid progress and abundant success…Rukayyah Rahman

3.Mindfulness: This is very important and cuts across the whole process, because it symbolizes your keen attention, full concentration and focus. We will discuss more on mindfulness in one of our subsequent posts. But we will briefly discuss it here to make the point concerning how to be more productive. Once you are mindful, you are more responsive and energetic. Your body, mind and soul are awakened and ready to receive divine messages from the Universe. At this stage, you will be compelled to do only what is right and relevant. You will be able to listen and yield to the voice of the soul which has all the information we need to grow as human beings and of course discover our purpose and be more productive. It resonates our soul with the Universe. It gives us peace and improve our memory system. Being mindful fuels our passion, inspires us more to act now! There is a sense of urgency and responsibility when we are mindful.  We are able to set our goals, plan effectively and consistently, consequently we get to fulfill our purposes upon discovery of the purposes.

4. Practice: This is similar to applying the knowledge mentioned above but a bit more. Here, you have to be steady with the principle 2 which is applying your knowledge to real life situations. If you read about how to improve your memory system, your memory system will get improved only when you apply the knowledge, not just once but continuously till you master it and it has become a habit. It is stated that it takes 21 days to form a particular habit so this is a bonus knowledge, that is, you have to keep practising for a couple of days, your brain adjusts to this reality and you are conditioned to keep up with the habits. All of our behaviors today were formed through conditioning and persistent practice. We can get rid of all unfavorable attitudes, all we need is mindfulness, determination and constant practice. With the right knowledge and constant practice you will be more productive and continue to gradually uncover and live your purpose.

You need to understand that its a gradual process, the discovery and fulfillment are a lifetime journey but you need to ensure at every phase there is a fruitful outcome, hold on, keep it up, be fierce and fearless, you will keep growing and you will continue to progress in your journey of your discovery and achievements. LAMP is the secret of all the great leaders. They keep learning, apply their knowledge, adopt mindfulness and continue practising by repeating the cycle over and over again.




Improve your online sales with this valuable information. This innovation is strictly to help all credible entrepreneurs thrive.

It is important to be creative and then create, it is paramount to be innovative and then innovate, it is vital to learn and consequently earn, it is substantial to be hardworking and then work but……

All of these tend to lead to little or no success for a business owner and in the improvement of the economy of the country.

Why? Because all products and services hardly earn the trusts of the potential customers. So they exist with little or no patronage, hence no sales, no profits!! This eventually kills the vibes of the creative mind behind such production, unless you are indeed fortunate to hang on which is a very difficult thing to do. That’s indeed disheartening and heart breaking.

While these true businesses are suffering, the scam businesses are thriving because people sometimes fall into the hands of these scam (fraudulent) businesses, since its hard for people to tell difference between legit and scam businesses. This is yet again an ordeal.

Fraud is killing the souls of the perpetrators, sabotaging the health of the victims and damaging the economy of the country._RARS

This issue is eating up the heart of the country’s economy and its persistence will cause nothing but death to the socio-economic aspect of the country. Evidence of this is revealed in the statement of Ibeji Idunnu during a program in Ilorin. The two showed utter displeasure over the rate fraud is being practised by young Nigerians. The twins said, “Avoid being a fraudster”

In a bid to prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality, ProInSafe is created, to proffer solution to the existing problems.

  • ProInSafe exists to create a concrete way for people to easily tell a difference between scam and credible (legit) businesses. This will mitigate risks of falling victims of business scam.
  • ProInSafe verifies and validates credible businesses to increase their online visibility, earn trusts from potential consumers thus make more sales.
  • ProInSafe takes the responsibility of empowering youths to prevent and stop them from resolving to scam businesses, by providing mentorship and other relevant support to help them become self-reliant and self actualized.
  • ProInSafe provides opportunity for online consumers to verify businesses before patronizing.
  • ProInSafe exists to uplift the status quo of the country, enrich lives, energize the economy and foster an all inclusive sustainable development in Nigeria,  where all diligent and sincere individuals thrive.

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Learn about A Great Sustainable Initiative in Nigeria, ProInSafe Leadership And Community Youths Club (PLACY Club) 

Learn about A Great Sustainable Initiative in Nigeria, ProInSafe Leadership And Community Youths Club (PLACY Club) 

ProInSafe Leadership And Community Youths Club (PLACY Club) will foster rapid socio-economic development in Nigeria.

Motto: Passion ‘n’ Action


To nurture great leaders and foster sustainable socio-economic development in Nigeria. 


To inspire and promote self-development of new generation (Youths) for fruitful community services necessary for sustainable development.

Our focus

We support Capacity Building (Talent Hunt), Initiative ideas, and Innovations (Self and Community development services). This will be of benefit to the community in the following ways:

  • To help Youths discover and actualize their potentials.
  • To develop healthy lifestyle to promote their mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Empower them to encourage computer and educational literacy.
  • Inspire effective leadership qualities in youths.
  • Foster economic growth.
  • To identify and co-create solutions to problems.
  • Create healthy and safe environment.

ProInSafe provides opportunities and relevant resources to inspire, motivate and empower youths to promote self-actualization hence facilitate community development and national growth. In addition to this, ProInSafe Empowerment Projects (PEP) was incorporated to support diligent youths and lucrative ideas. Therefore PLACY Club (a PEP project) was initiated for the Youths.

PLACY Club is for Youths to enhance their experience by fostering a positive image, expanding school and community public relations, sponsoring and participating in school and community service activities, engaging in charitable act, getting used books and other items for the less privileged ones, improving communication and overall well-being, and promoting school activities.

 Placy Club primarily will focus on four aspects: fundraising, community service, career interest, and interpersonal dynamics (also known as group dynamics). It has been observed that Nigerian youths are blessed with great minds and have the potentials to resolve issues impeding the growth of the nation; they however seek support and mentorship to promote their self-development, polish their potentials to be productive and ensure self-actualization in order to function optimally. Ignorance and lack of mentorship are observed to be the detriment hampering the progress of Youths Talent.

PLACY Club for the Youths will be active participation in thoughtfully organized service that meets the needs of communities. This will provide youths with opportunities to get in touch with the community and to realize their role they play and core values in society so that they can become active and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Skills YOUTH GAINS by being a member of PLACY club.

  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership
  • Grooming Teamwork
  • Networking
  • Catering for the socio-emotional well-being of the Youths.
  • Providing support to the lower School Youths.
  • Conducting leadership training for other Youths.
  • Leading other leadership groups in planning for event.
  • Hold peer support sessions and advice to motivate and encourage in activities.

Benefits of PLACY Club

  • Improved Academic Performance
  • Higher Self-esteem
  • Social Opportunities
  • Essential Life Skills and Progressive Community Development
  • Resumes
  • Encouraging and Inspiring Others
  • Mental health intervention

Benefits to Schools

  • Publicize the schools
  • Achievement of the students will bring honor to the school
  • It will help to improve the cognition, academic performance and wellbeing of the students which are relevant to the school objectives through inspiring and encouraging them to practically apply their knowledge
  • Easy access to our services relevant to their school development
  • Collaborative efforts to solve relative problems of the school

We hope to achieve the following SDGs:

  • Zero Hunger
  • Good Health and Well-being
  • Quality Education
  • Gender Equity
  • Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Reduced Inequality
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
  • Partnerships to achieve the Goal

PLACY Club Programmes (Activities)

  • Weekly Training
  • Fortnight Training to equip the PLACY Club Members (Youths) with relevant information.
  • Identify and Co-Solve Problems.
  • Outreaches/Visitations to build youths sense of empathy and selflessness.
  • Conference/Workshops to foster collaboration for rapid growth.
  • Exhibitions; public display and commissioning of the youth practical works.
  • Competition and Award Giving to motivate and boost youths Moral.
  • Magazine compilation for publicity of the Club Activities. 

Human beings co-exist and this social aspect of us can be used to transform the country, Nigeria to move from being a developing country to be a developed country. Other countries are developed out of the endless efforts of the people of such countries to discover themselves which always create passions for solving certain problems of their countries thereby creating more investments to regulate the economy of the country. Solving this problem along the line earn them millions and billions of naira for example, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Ben Carson etc.

To be a great leader, one must possess right and constructive knowledge and skills. PLACY Club exists to make youth great productive leaders. This program exists mainly to mentor and guide youths to drive positive social change in their communities including their relative schools. This is through acquiring and sharing knowledge, skills and experiences and receiving full supports relevant to realizing our vision.

A valuable opportunity that should not be missed if you are indeed passionate about development in Nigeria, specifically Kwara State. If you are interested in sponsoring, volunteering or benefiting from this great initiative, contact us now!