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It is important to be creative and then create, it is paramount to be innovative and then innovate, it is vital to learn and consequently earn, it is substantial to be hardworking and then work but……

All of these tend to lead to little or no success for a business owner and in the improvement of the economy of the country.

Why? Because all products and services hardly earn the trusts of the potential customers. So they exist with little or no patronage, hence no sales, no profits!! This eventually kills the vibes of the creative mind behind such production, unless you are indeed fortunate to hang on which is a very difficult thing to do. That’s indeed disheartening and heart breaking.

While these true businesses are suffering, the scam businesses are thriving because people sometimes fall into the hands of these scam (fraudulent) businesses, since its hard for people to tell difference between legit and scam businesses. This is yet again an ordeal.

Fraud is killing the souls of the perpetrators, sabotaging the health of the victims and damaging the economy of the country._RARS

This issue is eating up the heart of the country’s economy and its persistence will cause nothing but death to the socio-economic aspect of the country. Evidence of this is revealed in the statement of Ibeji Idunnu during a program in Ilorin. The two showed utter displeasure over the rate fraud is being practised by young Nigerians. The twins said, “Avoid being a fraudster”

In a bid to prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality, ProInSafe is created, to proffer solution to the existing problems.

  • ProInSafe exists to create a concrete way for people to easily tell a difference between scam and credible (legit) businesses. This will mitigate risks of falling victims of business scam.
  • ProInSafe verifies and validates credible businesses to increase their online visibility, earn trusts from potential consumers thus make more sales.
  • ProInSafe takes the responsibility of empowering youths to prevent and stop them from resolving to scam businesses, by providing mentorship and other relevant support to help them become self-reliant and self actualized.
  • ProInSafe provides opportunity for online consumers to verify businesses before patronizing.
  • ProInSafe exists to uplift the status quo of the country, enrich lives, energize the economy and foster an all inclusive sustainable development in Nigeria,  where all diligent and sincere individuals thrive.

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Trust is the heart of every business, when buyers distrust sellers, markets fail!

Many people have lost interest in  transacting with new business entities today even though they come across services and products they really need ,just because of what they have experienced or seen with victims of scam…

Many intelligent minds are tired of being innovative as the potential customers are not ready to trust the credibility of their initiatives…

Market only happens when both seller and buyer trust each other and continuous transaction takes place..

However, reverse is the case these days as markets have even failed before products are made available…

But why do markets fail these days?

The answer seems very obvious…
The political and economic situation of the country have widen the gap between the rich and the poor.

And with this, the “poor” are the ones who fall victims of fraud more (especially online).
The little and hard earned money are being used to chase seemingly cheap products, but at the end of the day, they get scammed….the scammers are taking advantage of people’s vulnerability, tricking their emotions…

Because of the rate of unemployment in Africa, many graduates have become entrepreneurs. This is a great step to increasing investments for sustainable development in the continent.

But their businesses have not been thriving due to the dominance of online frauds.
Their initiatives have been assassinated by some so called business impersonators. Despite the effectiveness of internet in helping their business grow, they are unable to tap into the opportunities digital marketing has to offer.

Sellers are discouraged because they aren’t getting customers…
Buyers are losing great offers because they are doubtful, since they cannot really tell which business is genuine or not.

So, what’s the way out?

Nigeria Association of Cyber Security Security Experts has stated that a concrete solution must be developed to mitigate online business scam, else the issue will totally rise beyond control and the economy will badly suffer for it, billions and valuable assets will be lost..

  • There should be a medium through which people can verify which business is safe to transact with…
  • There should be a body that focuses on verifying businesses for people such that they get the value of what they pay for ….
  • There should be a medium where credible businesses can register so as to get in contact with potential consumers…

These and many more form the basis of establishing “ProInSafe”💯

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Are you a consumer who wants to be sure of the credibility of a business to avoiding falling victim of business scam?

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Best solution to socio-economic problems in Nigeria

Best solution to socio-economic problems in Nigeria

Solution To The Socio-Economic Problems in Nigeria.

  • Quality Education
  • Adequate Health Facility
  • Effective Leadership
  • Investments! Investments!! More Investments!!!

Quality Education
Education basically involves acquiring knowledge and skills necessary to refine our potentials. Everyone has natural tendencies however quality education helps individuals to exploit these abilities productively. For example, an individual with abilities to make speech will be able to do after learning language, grammar etc.

Education is Education, in fact every form of education must meet the standard of Quality Education. Therefore in this article, when we mention Education, we mean it to be a quality one.

Quality Education simply means effective aqusition of right knowledge and skills that effects self-growth and community development. Right knowledge symbolizes adequate information capable of transformation, that is, the information acquired through education should compel individuals to replace FAULTY cognition (thoughts, beliefs, memories, attitudes, perceptions) and behavioral patterns with PRODUCTIVE cognition (beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, thoughts) and behavioural patterns (actions).

As a saying goes, “what we think, we become.” This simply explains that our thoughts become our feelings which subsequently form our actions. Every information we assimilate must fill our minds with useful thoughts and relevant values necessary to uplift the learner and the society.

Education expunges ignorance, keeps us informed thereby prevents deformation. An individual with talents or potentials will remain incapable or worse still become bad without education to guide and regulate his or her mental functioning.

For example, while at a prison for community development service, it was observed that many of the inmates demonstrated abilities and intelligence but apparently only needed right input from the environment to help them harness their abilities productively.

Education helps us to acquire both basic and secondary knowledge or skills and it can be acquired through various means, as we must note that education goes far beyond the four walls of classes.

We get education at home, in school, learning centres, books, movies, videos, seminars, websites etc., and education involves learning particular subjects, vocational skills, sport skills, computer skills,etc etc

Education because it abolishes ignorance has contributed significantly to reducing many social problems including racism, prejudice, etc., which are caused by human irrational thoughts and attitudes.

We are getting educated whenever we involve in any activity that effect relatively enduring change in our behaviours, which can be conceptualized as learning. We need to learn various things and at various stages of life. Therefore education enables adaptation to our environment.

There are many benefits of education, some of which include:

  • It enhances mental, physical, social and spiritual functioning
  • Quality education breeds quality life
  • It promotes our wellbeing by keeping us informed on what to do and what to stop doing to maintain and improve our health
  • It facilities economic, social, and community development.
  • It enhances our performances, having adequate information compels us to perform effectitvely
  • It helps to actualize our potentials, education equips us with cognitive resources needed to engage in significant activities that provide fulfillment.
  • It helps provide answers to questions and solutions to problem especially through science.
  • It basically facilitate human affiliations, hence it promotes peace and unity.

However everything with a pro has a con. There is no bad to education but on the usage of it. Many people harness the information they have to cause harm to the society. For example, hacking into someone else’s accounts, internet fraud, etc. This however is downplayed when people in the course of learning also receive essential guide and information on how to constructively harness the information they have and on how to benefit the world with their knowledge and skills rather than to cause destructions.

Education is extremely vital by all indications, it raises people’s consciousness about various aspects of the world. With this, ignorance is eradicated hence the room for improvement and development is created. It purges out stereotypes, prejudice, criminal intents and discrimination which have always caused major setbacks in the society. The root of every conflicts lies in the oversimplified beliefs we hold about the “out-group.” (Basheera Ibrahim 2016)

Acquisition of knowledge instill fortitude and diplomacy within people. It helps us to identify a problem and work to discover and proffer a solution to such problem, which is a significant impetus for the evolvement of a community and a country.

Adequate Health Facility
To perform effectively, one must have sound health. Health they say, is wealth. Both physiological and psychological are equally vital to optimal functioning of every human being.

The Government has the responsibility to develop the available health facilities, provide necessary resources and create (and also provide support for creations of) more health facilities in both rural and urban areas. Notable number of standard rehabilitational centres and mental health facilities must be constructed as well. In fact, every hospital must integrate the department of mental health services. This is very vital. It is required to improve the quality of lives and to uplift the society.

Many physical illnesses are triggered by psychological dysfunctions, many individuals are mentally down either they are depressed or suffer from another psychological impairment, we have lost some othersbto suicide. The latter and the aforementioned conditions are the result of psychological dysfunctions. To resolve many societal problems, the cognition’s of the people must be improved, and a mental health worker does it better.

Access to mental health facilities coupled with medical health facilities including and sensitization about mental health will effect better thought processes in people and productive actions, which consequently will foster social change, to reflect sustainable social and economic development of the country.

Effective leadership

Right leaders are significant impetus for every development observed in a society. Right leaders are not perfect but they possess majority of the vital attributes of a leader.A leader must be goal-oriented, selfless, patient, wise, flexible must have plans to achieve his or her goals, must be disciplined, have integrity and good descion making strategy. In addition to this, they must posses relevant skills and knowledge. A sound economic management graduate will function well as minister for finance than as minister for education, a person who studied psychology will perform effectively as minister for youths or minister for welfare than as commissioner/minister for transportation or whatever..


We need more people to start up businesses. Obviously entrepreneurship is getting better in Nigeria. All thanks to PMB administration. We need people to innovate ideas, replicate foreign lucrative businesses etc. Start-ups should be supported too. There should be more organizations like TOE foundation and PEP. We need to invest in education, health sectors and industries. Adequate Infrastructures should be provided to help entrepreneurs thrive. Graduates should be trained with the mindset of becoming employers rather than employees. This will encourage business start ups, innovations and business investments. And with ProInSafe businesses will rapidly grow and becomes sustainable.

If all of these are provided, Nigeria will experience rapid socio-economic development.

Effective Business Development Strategy

Effective Business Development Strategy

Business development coaching by Miss Kafayat Salami (Psychologist) at ProInSafe Launching

Kafayat at ProInSafe Launching

Kafayat at ProInSafe Launching

Business development is all about developing new products in the market, it is a strategic activity. From a business perspective it is the driving force/long term of a business. Sales is about closing deals with paying customer its more tactic. A business executive must be able to do must be able to do both the business development duty and that of a sales person, he must be able see the opportunities of the business. As a sales person you must know how to find potential customers and build customer relationships. If you understand business development as a sales person you are already ahead of competitors.

Core business development knowledge

Kafayat discussing business development strategy at ProInSafe Launching

Kafayat discussing business development strategy at ProInSafe Launching

  • Current state of your business (you have to have a perspective of your business) swot- strength, weakness, opportunity and trends.
  • Industry and sector trend and key issue
  • Competitors (swot analysis)
  • Primary source of sales
  • Customer profile
  • New products/sales opportunities
  • Market expansion opportunities
  • Long term perspective
  • Business cost and savings potential

Core business development skills

  • Product expansion
  • Networking
  • Marketing
  • Cold calling
  • Winning meeting
  • Presenting
  • Negotiating
  • Cost saving 

Key issues in business development

  • Are you talking to a decision maker?
  • Can your product or service solve a problem for your lead?
  • When will your lead need your product or service?
  • Can your lead afford to pay for production or service?
  • How will your products or service address your client’s pain?

Key to sale success

  • Demonstrate how your product or service address your clients pain
  • Compare and contrast your growth wins to that of your competitors
  • Demonstrate your product or service
  • Be clear about the benefit for the company and client persons
  • Pricing, implementation and contract terms.
  • Engaging in digital marketing. However sometimes it is difficult to earn the trusts of online consumers. This has become easier with ProInSafe. Getting validated by ProInSafe will give you an access to YAS code you can share with your potential consumers to easily earn their trusts.


Kafayat Salami discussed Business Development Strategies at ProInSafe Launching

Kafayat Salami