Remedy to The Terrifying novel Coronavirus(nCoV-2019).

Remedy to The Terrifying novel Coronavirus(nCoV-2019).

News about the deadly virus that appeared in Wuhan, China in December (now called 2019 novel coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV) is no doubt the talk on every lip in the world lately. And as the number of cases of this virus rises daily across the globe, it is apparent that the most terrifying outbreak right now is the 2019-nCoV. However, since measures to contain and cure this pandemic has proven abortive, some renowned scholars(concerned citizen(s) of the world) have gone into relentless research to get ‘The Most Effective Remedy or Cure’ to contain the disease.

According to CDC and WHO, the Coronavirus is said to be a member of large families of viruses that causes illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). Common signs of the infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.


Once inside the body, according to an analysis of the disease progression in 191 patients from Wuhan published in the journal “Lancet” on Wednesday, the virus uses a spike like protein to bind with a receptor called angiotensin-converting enzyme 2(ACE-2) found on the respiratory cells, entering it and replicating to spread the infection within. As the virus keeps multiplying, it reaches the lungs, causing inflammation in the alveoli or lung sacs filling them with fluid and pus causing pneumonia. The inflamed lungs make it difficult for the person to breathe leading to acute respiratory distress syndrome between day eight(8) and day fifteen(15) from the onset of symptoms.


The exponential increase of this virus is alarming which has triggered the attention of every sane person, governing bodies, companies, and health agencies in the world adopting different means to contain the widespread of the disease. Although corona disease has been labelled pandemic by the WHO, and had already stimulated tough actions from most sovereign states and strict restrictions on everyone living within those states. For example, Italy, Norway, Germany, and South Korea have already declared a state of emergency because of the exponential rate nCoV-2019 is being transmitted within the globe. There have already been more than 200,081 confirmed cases and 8000 deaths of the virus, leading to deaths across many nations -with China, Iran, and South Korea suffering from the highest number of reported cases. We now have more than 82,000 recovery cases. Meanwhile, the economic impact of this outbreak across the globe is rapidly deteriorating.

Additionally, all of these numbers are likely to rise in the coming days and weeks, because each infected person could potentially spread the infection to many others. And it is possible that a person can spread the infection before he or she knows they are sick; this has not been proven for this particular virus, but if true, quickly containing its spread may be impossible.


After considering how Coronavirus(nCoV-2019) attacks the lungs and bronchial cavities, we have been able to ascertain and establish facts on the best remedy and preventive measures to alleviate this virus. “The best remedy and antidote for nCoV-2019 so far is ‘Quercetin’ and rich Sulphur Compounds found in the liquid extract of White Onions. Extract from White Onion bulb is antithelmintic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, diuretic, hypoglycaemic, and stomachic. The onions’ ability to relieve congestions in the lungs and bronchial cavity is hard to believe until you have actually witness the efforts. It has been regularly used as a respite for allergic bronchitis, chronic asthma, common cold and cough syndrome. According to Peace Health, onions have been useful for treating various human diseases such as tumours, persistent cold and coughs.


After being crushed, 4 tablespoon of the oil extract is recommended to be used twice daily; first in the morning and the second before sleep at night. This is to be administered and taken for several days or weeks.

Side Effects of White Onion

No side effect has been reported so far. But frequent contact with onion seeds may have been reported as an occupational allergen.


White onions secrete a lot of phytoncids killing pathogenic microbes, this is why it is widely used as remedy for catarrhal diseases: angina, suppurative lung inflammation, catarrh and cough. It has been used severally in the past for treatment of bronchial asthma and prostatic hypertrophy. One onion bulb can have the same effect as cardio aspirin. Medical properties of onion exceed those in many drugs, which normally have side effects. And it is as well known to be a natural product. Several parts of the plant have a place in traditional medicines.

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