Principle of  Success-Effective ways to achieve maximum success and genuine happiness.

Principle of Success-Effective ways to achieve maximum success and genuine happiness.

For modern billionaires, philanthropy is a spiritual priority. Many of them spend money to support the needy, to develop art, education, and health. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett started their “The Giving Pledge” campaign, the idea of which is donating 50% of their income to charity. There are more than 150 participants in this campaign including Mark Zuckerberg, George Lucas, Victor Pinchuk, and Vladimir Potanin.

  • “Millenials are one of the generations that sent the most money to charity throughout history. But it’s not only about the money; you can donate your time as well.” — Mark Zuckerberg

Giving someone your time, attention, and energy means investing in them. By helping others, a person feels needed and gains peace in his heart that no dress is able to give. It is important to correctly prioritize. Children in orphanages or animals in shelters need your time more than a neighbor who complains about her lazy husband.

Being a mentor to the young generation is another vital means of charity just like PLACY Club. It is in giving more that we receive much more. There is an adage that says, the most selfless people are the most selfish. The reason is because these selfless people tend to receive large portion of goodness from the universe. That’s the secret. In every thought and action of yours, be intentional about making an impact, sustainable one is better. You don’t have to be the richest of all to make someone feel genuine happiness.

Don’t be surprised that a person who only buys a satchet of water for a very thirsty man might have done so much good than someone who probably went to a charity home to spend thousands of naira just to be captured by the media showing that he or she is also a philanthropist.

There is something we must understand, the amount of happiness we are able to generate unto others is equals to how much happiness we feel. Therefore when we feel down, understand that there is a need to light up the mood of someone, that person could be you, because you can only give what you have.

Make sure you intentionally take good care of yourself; your emotions by filling your mind up with good thoughts, enlightening yourself through every possible means and strive to apply the knowledge you have acquired through the learning process.

Life is a reflection of who we are, once the outside world is making you feel bad, blame no one, take up the responsibility, find out about those thoughts that are illusionary, that are not serving you right and get rid of them by not paying attention to them anymore . Our perception of situations evokes the feelings that we experience. Therefore to achieve inner peace you must take care of your mind, meditate more often, visit a psychologist or psychotherapist if need be, talk to a trusted and wise person. Only someone with inner peace will be able to feel energized and inspired to help other people. And remember the more we give, the more we get.


Give others what you will like to receive. You wish you had attention, give to someone who asks for it. Give to others what they need, the Universe in turn gratifies your own needs too. This means you can simply educate someone on what they need to learn, in the process you learn more or you simply get rewarded with something special for your kind actions. It doesn’t have to be what you expect, just believe that you get what you need. Don’t mind what the society is filled with or expects. You are unique and definitely will get something different that you deserve. Inability to understand this makes us compare and irrationally compete till we let those gifts become stale. If we don’t exploit our divine gifts such as potential, knowledge, energy productively, they become poisonous and they start erupting unpleasant emotions and of course affecting our physical health.

“The happiest people are the most selfless people and vice versa. I live to uplift the world and my entire being is dedicated to such practices”_The Universe

Always understand and remember that what you see in the world that pisses you off is telling you something within you that is not very right for your optimal functioning. So always be conscious of this fact, don’t entertain anger, it is destructive and extremely painful to you not the person you are mad at.

We feel peaceful during sleep because we are unable to complicate life with our unpleasant thoughts, perceptions and judgment. Now that we know this secret, we should exploit it adequately. We should let the past be, let the future take care of itself, worries, regrets and the likes won’t change a thing. All we have as a reality is the present moment, we should focus our energy and thoughts on that presence.

It is okay to pick lessons from the past but not dwell on the unpleasant thoughts of it, it is okay to prepare for the future but not to be overwhelmed by it. Do what you can today that will move you closer to realizing your dreams. That’s why setting goals and priorities are very vital.

You are allowed to feel bad, but that should not last more than few seconds, that’s about the time the reflexive response elapses. Once it exceeds, then we are intentionally holding on to a hot charcoal and expecting not to get burnt.

We have all that we need to succeed, we only need to unfold it by being mindful, conscious and resolving to good habits. Be sincerely grateful for all you have and all that you wish for. That is how to attract more goodness into your life. You show gratitude better when you share your blessings-your time, happiness, knowledge, wealth, time etc. Whatever you give a little of it to attract abundance.

“All creatures evolve from a source,  we are all one, we have within us the greatest of powers the Almighty has granted us,  but to unfold this greatness and the infinite power, we must embrace LOVE. It is the essence of life. You will be blessed with abundant success and all that you ever wish for, but there is a sacrifice to make,  relate with this essence of life, live your life strictly according to the principle of love and watch yourself transcend beyond all your imaginations and all limitations”_The Universe.

If you are sad but you have money or time to spare, spare it and watch your mood lightens up because as mentioned, life is reflection of our inner being. You are probably feeling sad cos someone else is, it could be for a different reason, but when you reach out to fill that void for the external body, then in exchange, yours get filled and you receive more grace for taking care of others and in the process uplifting yourself too.You will be self actualized when you realize truly that we all co-exist.


Note: You might have read something like this before, all of us usually have. But trust me the one difference between the successful ones and those that are not is that the successful ones walk the talk, they act out all of these principles while the mediocres might learn but fail to practise. Do the latter believe that just reading about things yield the results?  No way! You have to let what you have learned alter your behaviours and gradually healthy habits are formed and progressively you will be living a fruitful life filled with meaning, purpose and all the bliss one can experience. 


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