PIS Empowerment Projects (PEP)

ProInSafe Empowerment Projects is created to equip Nigerian youths with essential resources needed to be productive hence facilitate community development and national growth. ProInSafe Empowerment Projects (PEP) was incorporated to support diligent youths and lucrative ideas.

Are you passionate about transforming your community for the better with your productive/lucrative ideas or skills?

Please contact us: empowerment@proinsafe.com

 We are happy to support your vision!

We are Glad to Inform the General Public that we commence our first project which is PLACY CLUB.

PLACY Club fully known as ProInSafe Leadership And Community Youths Club was established from ProInSafe Empowerment Projects as the First Project to enhance self-development of the youths, and exploit their potentials and cognition’s to facilitate sustainable community development. We exist to empower youths; provide them with moral support to propel them to create opportunities for themselves and their community; thus make them become self-actualized.

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