What we do


  • Promote both legit start up and reputable businesses and facilitate their profit making
  • Empower youths with inspiring information and relevant resources to achieve financial freedom
  • Facilitate economic inclusion communities
  • Validate at least 40,000 online legit businesses yearly after 5 years of establishment, raise awareness of this great online security movement, compel people to patronize only legit online ¬†businesses with the YAS code. This way, scam businesses will significantly be reduced if not abolished.
  • Register at least 70% of all active online legit businesses in Nigeria by 2034
  • Implement actions and activities necessary to facilitate the achievement of SDGs by 2030


  • To be the apex online platform regulating online businesses affairs to compel these online businesses to uphold integrity in their implementation
  • Create a safe digital world and ensure that productive ideas and genuine businesses thrive.
  • Have all online legit businesses in Africa register their business on ProInSafe platform to get their YAS codes, an identity for credibility
  • To create a nation where 90% people are able to create opportunity for themselves and others to promote national growth