Some honest individuals truly exist who are willing to render productive services/goods through internet but are not encouraged to do so because they can barely convince people of their sincerity. ProInSafe stemmed out to resolve these hurdles and help promote these sincere individuals' true offers.

Many people have wonderful ideas and offers that can benefit the world but this set of people are discouraged or limited because they have no standard way to prove their sincerity, many opportunities are dying because no such platform exists to validate online legit businesses and single them out. Some reputable businesses are doing well and making huge profits but if scam businesses are out of the way, they will be marveled at the huge sum of money they are losing to these fake businesses posing as their competitors and tricking people to fall victims and causing these “victims” to develop trust issues toward many other businesses that could really offer genuine services/products.

We understand that CEO impersonation, scams, and other related online frauds may not go into total extinction but surely it will be reduced to a very minimal level with ProInSafe, in few years time with cooperation of online legit businesses. We are aware that these scammers might develop other measures to continue duping people, we continually update our knowledge and expand our experience, this coupled with our endless research will make us triumph and proffer sustainable solution to online business fraud. We can only achieve maximum success in enabling safe digital world if all we legit online businesses collaborate and get our YAS codes.

In a bid to substantially reduce (if not put a stop to) these acts, ProInSafe fully known to be “Promote Internet Safety” came into existence. We want to give people; both online buyers and sellers peace of mind while transacting.

We ensure to get every necessary detail from our clients before they receive their YAS code. We thereby take necessary legal steps when a business is found out to be a scam.

 We work with other online anti-fraud organizations to facilitate our work. We employ other efficient schemes and mechanisms to deal with the fraud problems. These mechanisms  enable us to automatically detect details of our clients through their IP, verify their submitted documents to detect fake documents, in addition it makes our work 90% effective thus safety is 88% guaranteed for online users.

We understand that some youths resorted to fraud out of desperation and frustration, we have initiated a special program “PIS Empowerment Project” to resolve the issues of unemployment, ignorance and mediocrity, we provide opportunities for youths and inspire them to engage in productive activities to develop their communities. A repentant scammer and other vulnerable individuals (unemployed youths especially) will benefit from this project.

This empowerment project is directly proportional to our nature of services. Certain percentage of our income will be set apart to help fund lucrative start up businesses and small community development initiatives. This funding will come in different forms such as; angel funding, grants, investor, competition (prizes) for the youths, we don’t do this independently, we also reach out to people for their support, to ask for donations.

Through our blogs, we take the social responsibility to educate everyone including potential and repentant scammers. This is to help them uphold their integrity and be more selfless while seeking means of survival. It has been observed that online business scams are found more in countries with high rate of corruption and poverty. Online scammers are epitomes of selfishness therefore helping them exorcise these faulty attitude is a big impact. The platform will also encourage them to seek/create other legitimate job opportunities that will gradually fetch them abundant fortune.

We are also a channel for people to easily locate nearby businesses, they can search for businesses by their locations. (IAL link)

We presently focus more on validating Nigerian online businesses because of easy accessibility and investigation. Legit online businesses will now be verifiable as potential customers will and should trade with only Nigerians businesses with YAS codes. Any business without the code by 2034 should be avoided or be reported to our platform to confirm on customers’ behalf. This will encourage other online legit businesses to get their codes,

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  • To be the apex Nigerian Organization, regulating online business affairs, to compel online businesses to uphold integrity in their business activities and implementation.
  • Create safe digital world and ensure productive ideas and credible businesses thrive.
  • Have all online credible businesses in Africa register their businesses with ProInSafe to get their YAS codes, an identity for credibility.
  • Create a nation where 90% of the people are able to create opportunities for themselves and others to promote national growth.
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