How do i get certified?

In our Terms you are legit and will get your YAS code if you:

  • Provide your personal details; reachable contacts and home address
  • Submit real documents
  • Provide your business certificate
  • Have registered with appropriate legal bodies
  • Truly offer the products and services you advertise to public
  • Submit an evidence of your products/services

Are my personal Details Safe on ProInSafe?

ProInSafe will keep your personal details safe unless there is a cause to involve a third party; security agency. You are allowed to decide the kind of information you want to disclose to online users on your profile.

What are ProInSafe aims?

ProInSafe aims to achieve the SDGS;

  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • No poverty
  • Peace And Justice Strong Institutions

Who can register?

You are a legit business? if your answer is yes, you need to get your YAS code, register with us, let’s testify to your credible services/products and attract more customers and boons to you