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Full meanings of terms:

ProInSafe-Promoting Internet Safety

PEP-PIS Empowerment Project

IAL-I Am Legit

YAS-You Are Safe

ProInSafe means what?

Promoting Internet Safety. It is an online platform that focuses on proferring solution to online business scams, promoting online legit businesses and resolving other related social issues.

Is ProInSafe for only Nigerians?

For now, yes, we are registering and generating YAS codes for only Nigerian legit businesses that are online. People from different parts of the world can however verify businesses on our platform.

How am I sure ProInSafe is real and not a scam?

We are registered with CAC, check our blog or business profile  moreover you can tell by the testimonials of others. We have social media handles where you can always get to observe our activities and events. We have ensured to register businesses we get to reach physically, you may speak to our clients to confirm and try to confirm from other people who have used our service. For clarification contact 08185701239 and you can visit us at: Lao Area, beside Pacific event place, Ilorin, Kwara State.

Why should I use this platform and not other online solution platform?

This platform is easy to navigate and use and our services are significant and effective, we charge affordable fee for registering and certifying your business and our other services besides advertisements are free.

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

So far ProInSafe is the first and only existing organization (online platform) that verifies online business and generate unique codes with the aim to proffer sustainable solution to online business scams. Our vision is to be a sole organization committed to rendering regulatory services to online businesses in Africa. We also operate empowerment program to mitigate unemployment issues.

Why must we pay the registration fee?

We need financial resources to run the organization, pay our staff, get and maintain the materials we use to verify the originality of the submitted documents. We also need money to finance PIS Empowerment Project to finance and support small initiatives; lucrative business ideas, start-ups and other sustainable community development projects.

Who should get YAS code?

A legit business or organization that has or desires online presence; and render services/sell products that involve any form of exchange, especially if it concerns money. Any entity or individual whose business has online presence or trade online that is, sell or only advertise products/services online and reside in Nigeria or affiliated with a Nigerian you need this code to certify your credibility and sincerity and convince your potential customers to patronize you. Such businesses rendering these services:

E commerce

Online tutor

Schools (online/offline) that transact through the internet

Online stores

Advert agency

Game stores

SMEs etc.

Can a code be shared?

No. It is unique to an entity.

How much does your service cost

To get your business registered, you will pay only #3,500. This amount is susceptible to alterations due to promotional offers and other relevant reasons to enable us to provide you with the best services ever. Besides registering for YAS codes, our other services are free.

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