Three most valuable ingredients for success.

Three most valuable ingredients for success.

 If you desire success, this is a must read!

Faith and Passion are prerequisites for success. These two initiate and fuel your courage, which consequently drive your actions.

How courageous  and fearless you are depend on how passionate and faithful you are. ~Rukayyah Rahman

Once you believe in what you see (faith), the divine energy (passion) needed to work for it is automatically activated. Subsequently you feel the strong readiness to act and do whatever it takes to achieve the dream/goal. Once you think it and strongly believe it, you have created it, it is already existing, all you need do is to work, take right actions to move it from the abstract form of existence and then manifest it so you start living the dreams and benefitting the world with it.

You don’t need to know all the directions at once, as you proceed, the path becomes clearer and gradually the awareness is continually unfolded, for you to know what to do next and of course to know what not to do.

All directions and actions needed to manifest  that beautiful dream/vision of yours are guided by your passion, courage and faith. If you truly desire success, these three ingredients must exist.

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